Useful bathroom cleaning tips and tricks

Not everyone is a professional cleaner and knows how to scrub their bathroom clean to make it shine. And that’s fine, not everyone needs to be one. If you clean your bathroom from time to time, then you probably know that regular cleaning supplies don’t always get the job done. But you don’t go out of your way and buy industrial strength cleaners to get that 5-star hotel level look. You can achieve it easily by remembering these two tricks:

Help yourself with some power tools

Did you know that manual scrubbing is the thing of the past now? You can buy power tools that will do the scrubbing for you. One such product is the acclaimed Dremel Cleaning Tool, the high-speed cleaning tool that can be used on a variety of surfaces. It’s basically a small rotating motor with different attachments, sponges, brushes, or different pads. It’s a very versatile tool that can be used not only in the bathroom but in any room in the house or outside. The Dremel Cleaning Tool can be used both wet and dry.

To use the Dremel Cleaning Tool just plug it into the socket to charge it beforehand. Full charging takes around two hours. Then just put in one of the attachments and you are ready to go. Switch on the power button and just watch how it effortlessly cleans the dirtiest spots in the house. A cleaning power tool like the Dremel Cleaning Tool is a great investment because it can literally be used anywhere, you will never not find a use for it. It makes the cleaning process much quicker and less tiring as you don’t have to manually scrub anything.

Harness the power of baking soda

Baking soda doesn’t belong only in the kitchen anymore. It has powerful cleaning abilities that you might have not heard about before. Baking soda can be used to get rid of burnt marks from a frying pan, polish silverware and jewelry, remove old stains from fabric, and much more. But its most useful application when it comes to cleaning the bathroom is probably removing the grime that tends to set in the tile grouts.

To clean the tile grouts you will need to put some of the baking soda into a bowl filled with a small amount of water to get a mousse-like consistency. Put your baking soda mixture onto the tile grouts and leave it for at least five minutes. If there is a lot of grime you can leave it for longer. Then, after some time has passed, scrub it clean with a brush (it can even be an old toothbrush) or use the Dremel Cleaning Tool with the bristle brush attachment. Rub it until the tile grouts become squeaky clean and pour water to wash the mixture away from the tiles.

This cleaning method is great especially for tiles next to the shower or bathtub because they tend to get dirty very quickly. And it’s much cheaper than buying a separate cleaning product just for your tile grouts. Baking soda has countless other usages, it can also be used to clean the water stains off the faucets.

Waist Trainers vs Body Shapers, Know the Difference

Much confusion exists in differentiating between a body shaper and a waist trainer. There is, however, no accurate scientific or dictionary definition that can be used to distinguish between the two.

A body shaper is a piece of clothing that is worn to give an illusion that someone has a slimmer and flatter body. Body shapers are worn inside the dress as a form of temporarily altering the wearer’s body shape. Some main pros of having it include;

1. Easy to wear and instant results.

Body shapers, just like clothes, are easy to put on. It takes about 2-3 minutes to wear. Once one fits in, they can immediately see the results that they expected, unlike other slimming methods that may take months.

2. Boost self-esteem.

Ladies are frequent victims of comparison. Some have a conviction that they will be more attractive if their bodies assume a particular shape. Wearing these gears gives them self-confidence and makes them comfortable with their shape.

3. Helps in losing weight.

Most people have thought this to be a more effortless way of losing weight. When taken for a while, one may end up losing some inches, which with time, may make them achieve their desired weight.

Despite all these, some shortcomings render these unfit for use by humans. Some of these include;

1. Health problems

There are many health problems associated with wearing body shapers. First, it interferes with the average circulation, and there may be inadequate circulation to the lower limbs, leading to numbness.

2. They are costly.

The cost of acquiring a body shaper is relatively high and not affordable to everyone. If asked, exercise can be a cheaper and better option.

3. Overreliance may make one reluctant of taking part in an exercise.

The device sounds like the fastest way of appearing slim without taking part in many exercises. When positive results are seen, people may be reluctant to engage in serious exercise, making them lazier.

A waist trainer, on the other hand, is a garment, of high compression shaping, that people wear around their midsection to instantly slim their weight and thus supplement their figure goals. They are majorly used for exercise purposes, given their ability to stimulate the thermal activity in the core and make one to have an effortless sweat during an exercise. One of the most characteristic differences between these two is in their work; a body shaper is for giving an illusion of slimness while a waist trainer is used for training purposes. Just like the body shapers, it has significant pros and cons. Some of its pros include;

1. Perfectly improves the figure and posture.

The success of using waist trainers as exercise devices is appreciable. One ends up with an hourglass shape and perfect posture; making up a perfect figure.

2. Improves confidence.

The users have oozing confidence when using waist trainers since they have the assurance of a perfect desired body weight.

3. Weight loss and good support for the bust line.

In addition to offering proper weight loss, there is often greater support for the bustline achieved. These advantages make waist liners highly recommendable to the potential users.
However, some of the main cons of using it are;

1. It has serious health implication.

Waist liners may cause compression and shifting of organs, resulting in some organ-related conditions such as acid reflux and shallow breathing.

2. One can be very uncomfortable.

Waist liners can make one to sweat and be very warm. As a result, one may be very uncomfortable, especially when such is not desirable.

3. It can be addictive

The device can be addictive when used and may result in someone using it to the unhealthy extremes, making it dangerous for their lives.

Here’s How Walking Daily Can Help You Maintain a Healthier Life

Walking is something many of us do when moving from place to place. Actually, we do not even realize how healthy this practice is. In fact, walking is one of the simplest exercises that exist. It activates many chemical and physical processes in our body that improve our health.

When you walk, you strengthen your joints and bones. In addition, it stimulates your metabolism, which means that you burn more calories.

That’s why we recommend walking for at least 30 minutes a day, especially if you do not do any other physical exercise.

Before you start an active ‘walking lifestyle’ – here are some products you should consider buying.

1 – A carry on water bottle, as the more you walk the more you will need to quench your thirst.

2 – A hat, protect yourself by wearing a hat when walking long distances in the sun.

3 – Antiperspirant for feet, especially during the hot summer days – this will come in very handy.

4 – Antiperspirant for sweat, as you’ll probably sweat a lot during summer days, these will help you keep your sweat to a minimum level.

Because of the lack of activity for many people, we would like to share 7 benefits that come from everyday walking practice.

You have more energy

Do you feel tired? Do you have problems with concentration? You probably have low energy levels. If so, a short walk each day can improve your physical as well as mental productivity.Walking optimizes blood circulation , resulting in cells getting enough oxygen to function efficiently.

This exercise releases tension and stiffness that you feel in your joints and muscles , preventing pain during everyday activities.

It improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system

As walking is an activity that improves circulation and burns calories, it exerts a particularly positive effect on the health of the cardiovascular system.

A daily, brisk walking improves the heartbeat , which makes the heart pump blood to the whole body without any obstacles. It also prevents hypertension.

In addition, walking is a great way to increase the amount of good cholesterol (HDL), while reducing the level of this bad (LDL) and triglycerides.

Walking helps you lose weight

Like all cardiovascular exercises, walking is a great way to burn calories and shed some extra pounds.

Although no miracle will make overweight disappear overnight, walking each day will increase the rate of calorie burning and will slowly help you get the figure you dream of.

It is perfect if you lead a sedentary lifestyle. It does not require too much effort or a special place, such as a gym.

The faster you go, the more fat you burn.

Strengthens the legs and buttocks

Going for a walk can be very useful if you want to have athletic legs and firm buttocks. The group of muscles located in the lower parts of the body works the most. With time, you’ll notice that your calves and quadriceps are stronger.

If you go uphill, the buttocks muscles also activate , while lifting and strengthening them.

It has a good effect on bone condition

Your bones take a lot of benefits from everyday walking.

This activity strengthens your bones, preventing loss of their density – the main cause of osteoporosis.

In addition, it reduces inflammation in the tissues, keeping the osteoarthritis away .

If you go outside during the day, you will provide your body with vitamin D, thanks to the sun’s rays. In this way, your body will better absorb calcium.

Prevents varicose veins and spider veins

Varicose veins and spider veins are one of the symptoms that you have some problems with the circulation of blood in the lower body. As walking improves circulation, doing it regularly helps prevent this kind of aesthetic problem.

When walking, they mainly work legs. This prevents tissue inflammation and helps the blood return to the heart. In addition, the capillaries are strengthened and the risk of fluid retention in the body is reduced.

Relieves stress and anxiety

Moderate exercise is a very healthy habit that improves well-being and emotional state while relieving stress and anxiety attacks.

When you walk, a certain amount of serotonin and endorphins are released, which released into the bloodstream make you feel better.

In addition, as walking optimizes the oxygenation of the brain, it is equally good at counteracting the effects of oxidative stress, the factor associated with depression and irritability.

Do you still feel attached to your desk? If you do not move yet, set your goal to walking for 30 minutes a day and see how many positive changes this will cause in your body.

Walking helps with alleviating headaches can help walking.

It’s good to take small matters on foot, giving up the car, but remember that it’s best if you go for a walk-exercise, following a lively, regular step.

How to set up a VPN?

VPN (virtual private network) technology offers access to your network when you are not at your office. You can use the internet to reach out to your shared resources. It uses the secure tunnel between a machine and network to forge a union between a public and a private network.

VPN is largely used by third-party software of generic nature or a custom software. There are cases when VPNs don’t give out their own clients or use a protocol unsupported by the VPN client. In such cases, Built-in VPN client by Microsoft is suggested for use. If you have limited number of users, you do not need to endorse a costly VPN server.

Setting up VPN for Windows 10:

  • You need to type VPN on the taskbar’s button.
  • Get into Settings and then move to Network and Internet and choose VPN.
  • Once you see the VPN screen, add the option of VPN connection.
  • Put in all the details of the VPN connection. Use the drop-down menu under the VPN provider and choose the Built-in Windows option. Once done, the VPN changes to Automatic. Next, you should add the User Name and Password.
  • Connection or Server Name appear next. Choice of VPN provider will determine exactly in what form they appear.
  • Your VPN service offers you your Username and Password and suggests you the spot where you need to type them. You just need to do the needful and then click on the Save button. Once done, you can bid adieu to your Settings app.
  • .Next, move on to your taskbar’s system tray and click on the icon of wi-fi. You will be asked to select the VPN connection you have nominated recently. The connection will be on top of the list that comes up. This done, the process related to connection will be completed in no time.
  • What do you have on mind? Is it IKEv2 or something a lot more elementary, like, say, an L2TP or PPTP? You will require installing a root certificate if you are choosing anything other than the basic types.

How to minimize VPN traffic?

The internet traffic lodged with the VPN client goes through VPN and not the local internet. It is all good for a public connection like a wi-fi hotspot or a port. This said, if you are on a trusted network like your home, all you will manage to do is waste useful bandwidth. So what do you do to minimize the traffic moving through your VPN connection?

Choose Properties after right clicking on VPN Connection under the Network Connections. Next, move to Connect to the Network at the Workplace. Choose Next and move to Virtual Private Network Connection. Choose Next and then select the option, Do not Dial Initial Connection. You will then need to type in the Host Name and the Internet IP address. Click Next and then choose Finish.

Making connection with VPN

For Windows XP, you can make connection and disconnection by selecting Network Connections and then pressing right-click on the VPN Connection. For Vista, you just need to choose the Network Icon for the System Tray and then press on the option Connect To.

Type of Fishing Rods to Buy

There are various ranges of fishing rods that have flooded the market making it tricky for the less informed to buy the right fishing rod. These rods are designed to be used in different fishing locations as well as targeting various fish species and performing different tasks. Some rods are flexible for fishing and long while there are some that are short and rigid with the ability to withstand the heavy-duty game fishing pressure.

Casting Rods

Casting rods allows fishermen to lure anytime as well as helping fishermen to accurately place bait. These casting rods can split into categories- bait and spin casting rods.

Spin casting is designed with a smaller eye as well as forefinger-trigger grip, they also have a large eye near the reel. Designed to be used in conjunction with spin casting reels.

Baitcasting differ slightly due to the eye located closest to the reel is small; this is due to how the line peels off the baitcasting reels.

Spinning Rods

Spinning rod almost completely resembles casting rods, but slightly different due to its smaller size and usually light. Their eyes range from 5 to 8. So as to reduce the friction when casting, spinning rod has a large eye next to the reel. Casting reels hang beneath for the spinning rods. These fishing rods are the basic which are used by many fishermen among them newbie as well as the computer expert.

Fly Rods

The fly rods come in various shapes as well as sizes. They are primarily designed for use for fly fishing. These rods are thin and flexible thus allowing working the fly forward and back. They are light as well as small compared to other rods. They are designed in different sizes that can be used in streams as well as big water bodies.

They are unique in a way that they lack butt part below the reel thus enabling the angler to freely cast with speed. They have snake eyes which is specialized to guide the heavy fly line thus help in preventing tangles when casting.

Trolling Rods

Trolling rods are primarily designed to be used in dragging a lure behind a boat in motion, enticing the fish to ease striking. They are mostly preferred for targeting bigger fish like tuna and marlin. Good quality trolling rod is long, heavy with fast action.

Surf Rods

The surf rods are used in various places among them including beach, sea, rocks among others. They somehow resemble spinning rods but contains long grip handler. They are long thus enabling you to cast past breaking surf. They can cast heavy lures.

Telescopic Fishing Rod

These rods are designed in a way that they can either collapse to short or open to a longer rod. They are beneficial in surf fishing where it requires long rods. Ensure you maintain your telescopic rod by ensuring joints are clean since sand or dirt could damage it thus impairing the rods telescopic rod.

I hope with these few types of fishing rods discussed above, you will be able to make a sound decision and choose the fishing rod that meets your needs.

Recommended Action Camera for Extreme Cycling: AKASO EK7000 4K

When you think of action cameras, the names GoPro, Drift or Contour may come to mind. Each of these brands, amongst others, have established themselves as leaders in the action cameras market, due to their ability to capture stunning HD video footage in the toughest of environments.

A company you may not immediately associate with action sports is AKASO – a brand more commonly known for its range of home-video and audio products. However, that may all be about to change, with the launch of AKASOs newest addition, the AKASO EK7000 4K action camera

The AKASO EK7000 4K entry into the action camera world and comes in the form of a tough and compact point-of-view head camera. It’s small, light, stylish, and has more features than you can shake a stick at.

Quad-Proof Design

The AKASO EK7000 4K has been designed to withstand the four common elements of the action sports world: water, shock, dust and snow. The AKASO EK7000 4K is waterproof to a depth of 5m -16.4 ft, shockproof to withstand a 2m drop and is resistant to dust and freezing temperatures. Best of all, this level of protection requires no additional housing, so from skiing in arctic conditions to hurtling through a muddy forest, the AKASO EK7000 4K can handle it.

High Definition shooting

The AKASO EK7000 4K records video at full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution at 30fps, or at 1280 x 720 resolution at 60fps, while the camera’s Digital Image Stabilizer (DIS) helps to reduce camera shake, resulting in smooth, clear playback.

The AKASO EK7000 4K super wide angle lens provides a wide angle view, and the built-in 1.5¨ LCD screen is ideal for lining up shots or playing back footage on the go.

Furthermore, the ADIXXION can capture still images at 5MP (megapixels) and has two camera modes for making the most of your stills: photo- burst mode and time-lapse mode.

Built-in Wi-Fi

A key feature that sets this camera apart from many of its counterparts is its integrated Wi-Fi connectivity, which unlike other cameras, comes as standard.

This allows the user to utilise a number of useful actions, including, Smartphone connectivity, for framing shots on your smartphone before recording, Live net streaming, for streaming live HD footage to a PC, via mobile hotspot or Wi-Fi connection, Wireless data transfer, for transferring files from the camera to a PC; and Broadcasting on USTREAM, for streaming live videos in real time, directly to a worldwide audience via USTREAM.

To make the best use of all this Wi-Fi functionality, the camera has Wi-Video software for Windows built-in to it so that users can enjoy its connectivity straight out of the box. This application also allows for easy sharing via popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


Being small and light, the AKASO EK7000 4K can be mounted virtually anywhere on a user’s body or kit. Included in the box are a Goggle Mount and a Flexible Mount, which will appeal to the vast majority of action sports enthusiasts. Inside the camera box you will also find two lens protectors, LCD Protection Film, a USB cable and a rechargeable battery.

AKASO has also due to release a number of accessories which can be purchased separately including, the Float Strap, for keeping the camera above water, The Marine Case, for diving down to 40m/130ft,The Twin Shooting Mount, to attach the AKASO EK7000 4K to another camera,and a Maintenance Kit, for keeping the camera in good shape.

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