Waist Trainers vs Body Shapers, Know the Difference

Much confusion exists in differentiating between a body shaper and a waist trainer. There is, however, no accurate scientific or dictionary definition that can be used to distinguish between the two.

A body shaper is a piece of clothing that is worn to give an illusion that someone has a slimmer and flatter body. Body shapers are worn inside the dress as a form of temporarily altering the wearer’s body shape. Some main pros of having it include;

1. Easy to wear and instant results.

Body shapers, just like clothes, are easy to put on. It takes about 2-3 minutes to wear. Once one fits in, they can immediately see the results that they expected, unlike other slimming methods that may take months.

2. Boost self-esteem.

Ladies are frequent victims of comparison. Some have a conviction that they will be more attractive if their bodies assume a particular shape. Wearing these gears gives them self-confidence and makes them comfortable with their shape.

3. Helps in losing weight.

Most people have thought this to be a more effortless way of losing weight. When taken for a while, one may end up losing some inches, which with time, may make them achieve their desired weight.

Despite all these, some shortcomings render these unfit for use by humans. Some of these include;

1. Health problems

There are many health problems associated with wearing body shapers. First, it interferes with the average circulation, and there may be inadequate circulation to the lower limbs, leading to numbness.

2. They are costly.

The cost of acquiring a body shaper is relatively high and not affordable to everyone. If asked, exercise can be a cheaper and better option.

3. Overreliance may make one reluctant of taking part in an exercise.

The device sounds like the fastest way of appearing slim without taking part in many exercises. When positive results are seen, people may be reluctant to engage in serious exercise, making them lazier.

A waist trainer, on the other hand, is a garment, of high compression shaping, that people wear around their midsection to instantly slim their weight and thus supplement their figure goals. They are majorly used for exercise purposes, given their ability to stimulate the thermal activity in the core and make one to have an effortless sweat during an exercise. One of the most characteristic differences between these two is in their work; a body shaper is for giving an illusion of slimness while a waist trainer is used for training purposes. Just like the body shapers, it has significant pros and cons. Some of its pros include;

1. Perfectly improves the figure and posture.

The success of using waist trainers as exercise devices is appreciable. One ends up with an hourglass shape and perfect posture; making up a perfect figure.

2. Improves confidence.

The users have oozing confidence when using waist trainers since they have the assurance of a perfect desired body weight.

3. Weight loss and good support for the bust line.

In addition to offering proper weight loss, there is often greater support for the bustline achieved. These advantages make waist liners highly recommendable to the potential users.
However, some of the main cons of using it are;

1. It has serious health implication.

Waist liners may cause compression and shifting of organs, resulting in some organ-related conditions such as acid reflux and shallow breathing.

2. One can be very uncomfortable.

Waist liners can make one to sweat and be very warm. As a result, one may be very uncomfortable, especially when such is not desirable.

3. It can be addictive

The device can be addictive when used and may result in someone using it to the unhealthy extremes, making it dangerous for their lives.