Useful bathroom cleaning tips and tricks

Not everyone is a professional cleaner and knows how to scrub their bathroom clean to make it shine. And that’s fine, not everyone needs to be one. If you clean your bathroom from time to time, then you probably know that regular cleaning supplies don’t always get the job done. But you don’t go out of your way and buy industrial strength cleaners to get that 5-star hotel level look. You can achieve it easily by remembering these two tricks:

Help yourself with some power tools

Did you know that manual scrubbing is the thing of the past now? You can buy power tools that will do the scrubbing for you. One such product is the acclaimed Dremel Cleaning Tool, the high-speed cleaning tool that can be used on a variety of surfaces. It’s basically a small rotating motor with different attachments, sponges, brushes, or different pads. It’s a very versatile tool that can be used not only in the bathroom but in any room in the house or outside. The Dremel Cleaning Tool can be used both wet and dry.

To use the Dremel Cleaning Tool just plug it into the socket to charge it beforehand. Full charging takes around two hours. Then just put in one of the attachments and you are ready to go. Switch on the power button and just watch how it effortlessly cleans the dirtiest spots in the house. A cleaning power tool like the Dremel Cleaning Tool is a great investment because it can literally be used anywhere, you will never not find a use for it. It makes the cleaning process much quicker and less tiring as you don’t have to manually scrub anything.

Harness the power of baking soda

Baking soda doesn’t belong only in the kitchen anymore. It has powerful cleaning abilities that you might have not heard about before. Baking soda can be used to get rid of burnt marks from a frying pan, polish silverware and jewelry, remove old stains from fabric, and much more. But its most useful application when it comes to cleaning the bathroom is probably removing the grime that tends to set in the tile grouts.

To clean the tile grouts you will need to put some of the baking soda into a bowl filled with a small amount of water to get a mousse-like consistency. Put your baking soda mixture onto the tile grouts and leave it for at least five minutes. If there is a lot of grime you can leave it for longer. Then, after some time has passed, scrub it clean with a brush (it can even be an old toothbrush) or use the Dremel Cleaning Tool with the bristle brush attachment. Rub it until the tile grouts become squeaky clean and pour water to wash the mixture away from the tiles.

This cleaning method is great especially for tiles next to the shower or bathtub because they tend to get dirty very quickly. And it’s much cheaper than buying a separate cleaning product just for your tile grouts. Baking soda has countless other usages, it can also be used to clean the water stains off the faucets.