Type of Fishing Rods to Buy

There are various ranges of fishing rods that have flooded the market making it tricky for the less informed to buy the right fishing rod. These rods are designed to be used in different fishing locations as well as targeting various fish species and performing different tasks. Some rods are flexible for fishing and long while there are some that are short and rigid with the ability to withstand the heavy-duty game fishing pressure.

Casting Rods

Casting rods allows fishermen to lure anytime as well as helping fishermen to accurately place bait. These casting rods can split into categories- bait and spin casting rods.

Spin casting is designed with a smaller eye as well as forefinger-trigger grip, they also have a large eye near the reel. Designed to be used in conjunction with spin casting reels.

Baitcasting differ slightly due to the eye located closest to the reel is small; this is due to how the line peels off the baitcasting reels.

Spinning Rods

Spinning rod almost completely resembles casting rods, but slightly different due to its smaller size and usually light. Their eyes range from 5 to 8. So as to reduce the friction when casting, spinning rod has a large eye next to the reel. Casting reels hang beneath for the spinning rods. These fishing rods are the basic which are used by many fishermen among them newbie as well as the computer expert.

Fly Rods

The fly rods come in various shapes as well as sizes. They are primarily designed for use for fly fishing. These rods are thin and flexible thus allowing working the fly forward and back. They are light as well as small compared to other rods. They are designed in different sizes that can be used in streams as well as big water bodies.

They are unique in a way that they lack butt part below the reel thus enabling the angler to freely cast with speed. They have snake eyes which is specialized to guide the heavy fly line thus help in preventing tangles when casting.

Trolling Rods

Trolling rods are primarily designed to be used in dragging a lure behind a boat in motion, enticing the fish to ease striking. They are mostly preferred for targeting bigger fish like tuna and marlin. Good quality trolling rod is long, heavy with fast action.

Surf Rods

The surf rods are used in various places among them including beach, sea, rocks among others. They somehow resemble spinning rods but contains long grip handler. They are long thus enabling you to cast past breaking surf. They can cast heavy lures.

Telescopic Fishing Rod

These rods are designed in a way that they can either collapse to short or open to a longer rod. They are beneficial in surf fishing where it requires long rods. Ensure you maintain your telescopic rod by ensuring joints are clean since sand or dirt could damage it thus impairing the rods telescopic rod.

I hope with these few types of fishing rods discussed above, you will be able to make a sound decision and choose the fishing rod that meets your needs.